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Everything need to know to be about Exness Broker!



Everything need to know to be about Exness Broker!

When coming to this article, perhaps what you are interested in is the phrase ” about Exness broker “. What does that phrase mean? What is the role of an Exness partner? Join EX Trading through this article to answer that question right away!

What is Exness Partner? 

Known by another name as  Exness partner. As the name suggests, people in this category will be those who cooperate with Exness. They are responsible for advertising and leading traders to use the exchange’s accounts. To put it simply, in addition to being a trader, these individuals are also collaborators of the exchange in terms of expansion and promotion.

When you become an Exness partner, you will be their "companion".
When you become an Exness partner, you will be their “companion”.

Types of exchange partners:

RR type partners (Regional Representative):

It means “Regional representative”. Instead of directly approaching customers, RRs will manage, develop, and build a system of Affiliates and Introducing Brokers in their area. In addition, these individuals will be the organizers of periodic workshops and seminars. RR’s commission is also the highest, they receive commissions from transactions from all customers in the area they are responsible for.

Exness Partners under Affiliate status: 

Affiliates will receive Exness partner commissions through the number of customers who come to Exness through their link. Thanks to media campaigns, websites, videos, and podcasts,… this partner group will attract the attention of investors on a large scale, helping to make the exchange more popular in terms of recognition.

Exness Affiliate includes CPA and CPL:

  • Overview of the CPA program

Exness ‘s method of receiving commissions for CPA partners must meet the following conditions:

  • It is necessary to strictly comply with the time: The accumulated deposit is within 24 hours after the first deposit for customers, and for other foreign markets it is 10 USD (Customers are charged by you). introduced to Exness).
  • Your customer needs to initiate a transaction or place a transaction order within 180 days after the first deposit.
  • You need to attract a minimum of five or more customers to be eligible for a bonus during your one to two-month internship.

The operating principle of CPA is very simple: you will be paid based on your customers making deposits or trading on the exchange.

  • Overview of the CPL program

CPL is a bit simpler than CPA. When an investor in Exness performs a specific action, for example registering, that registration will bring you a commission. Once the customer’s account has been verified, you can immediately be charged a commission. (Note that this customer must have registered based on the link you provided)

Exness partners under IB status (Introducing Broker): 

Organizations and individuals with rich experience in foreign exchange transactions. This group’s commission comes from customer transactions. Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the industry, they can advise and support exchange traders on payments, transaction consulting, etc., motivating customers to make transactions on the exchange. When a customer makes a specific transaction, the Exness partner will be charged a commission

Each group of Exness partners has its roles. The contributions of these individuals will help the exchange become more widely known and trusted. And they also have new income besides being traders.

Each Exness partner group has its own values
Each Exness partner group has its own values

Is becoming an Exness partner beneficial?

Exness always focuses on protecting partners' interests
Exness always focuses on protecting partners’ interests

If there is a cooperative relationship, Exness Affiliate Programs each receive their benefits. Specifically:

Receive commission:

By promoting the benefits and reputation of Exness, partners will give investors excitement and trust. The commission forms of Exness partner groups are also different. If IB is based on the number of trading lots of customers, RR is calculated based on the total number of trading lots in the area, then Affiliate is calculated based on the number of customers they bring to the exchange.

Commission allocation for partners:

Commissions will be divided according to the difference in account type: With Standard or Cent, the commission will be around 20%. And this number is 17% for the Pro account group

Valid time for commission calculation:

On your partner account, there will be a time display section. At the end of each month, from the time you become a partner, there will be an eligibility check. If you have completed the task within the required time, you will receive a reward.

Received recognition and honors:

After the process of becoming an effective Exness partner, you will receive a lot of trust from investors in the trading field. Partly because of your contributions, and partly because of the value you bring to the exchange and your customers.

Exness partners enjoy resources and tools:

When you become a partner of the exchange, you will be able to use resources from the exchange or request the exchange to support promotional seminar activities. Most commonly seen with Affiliates, they are allowed to use landing pages, websites, banners,… or communication tools to serve the purpose of attracting investors.

Professionally and methodically trained:

Any individual who becomes a partner on the exchange will be carefully guided. You will have access to specialized knowledge about Marketing, Forex,… Besides, each partner will be run by a partner manager. Managers will support your requests for help, as well as solve problems during cooperation.

All partners will have access to many attractive incentives:

Exness always focuses on taking care of partners’ interests. You will receive exclusive preferential policies, trading promotions, etc. Or when you closely follow the strategic goals of the exchange, you will receive valuable rewards such as smartphones, cars, and cash. ,… depending on the level you achieve.

Who can be Exness partners?

All Exness users can become partners. Regardless of age, ability, or expertise. As long as you have the desire, you can immediately register.

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How to become an Exness partner?

As long as you have the desire, you can be a partner of Exness
As long as you have the desire, you can be a partner of Exness

To become an Exness partner, you need:

Register and confirm partner account:

Before joining as a partner, you need to register real Exness account , a type of partner account, first. Please fill in all personal information accurately and completely and wait for a confirmation email from the exchange.

Choose the appropriate partner method:

This is also the most important thing when deciding to cooperate with Exness. Based on criteria such as knowledge, social relationships, and personal abilities determine which category you are suitable for. When you know your strengths and limitations when working, you will know what you should do and make better decisions.

Planning and development directions:

You should orient your work. Becoming an Exness partner tends to be more about Marketing and communications. Therefore, without a development plan, the diversity and complexity of advertising models will confuse you. Leads to ineffective work.

Why is becoming a partner of Exness a smart choice?

Exness Trading exchange is a reputable unit and has a good reputation in the world financial market. Conducting more than hundreds of thousands of transactions each year, helping investors earn large profits. You have all the information and advantages of Exness to promote. Not to mention Exness’s market has also been covering many countries. What could be more advantageous when your partner is so strong?

Not only stopping at earning extra income, Exness partners also have the opportunity to improve their knowledge and learn more fields. This is also a way for you to come into contact with more experts in the industry, improving your abilities.

Choosing to be an Exness partner is a smart choice
Choosing to be an Exness partner is a smart choice

Above is some general information about Exness partners. Hopefully, through the article EX Trading provides, you have obtained useful information. If you’re ready to become a trader or platform partner, click here and register today.

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Mrs. Lina

Mrs. Lina

Exness Expert

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Không. Exness là một trong những sàn Forex uy tín nhất hiện nay. Exness được cấp phép và quản lý bởi các cơ quan quản lý quốc tế hàng đầu như FSA, CBCS, FSC, FSCA, CySEC, FCA, CMA. Các cơ quan này sẽ chịu trách nhiệm quản lý và giám sát hoạt động của Exness. Bảo đảm tính minh bạch và an toàn tài chính.

Exness là một trong những sàn Forex uy tín và được ưu chuộng nhất hiện nay. Exness được thành lập năm 2008, có trụ sở chính tại: Số 1, Đường Siafi, Tòa nhà Porto Bello, Văn phòng 401 Thành phố Limassol, cộng hoà Séc – đất nước tập trung nhiều công ty tài chính lớn nhất thế giới. Exness được biết đến nhờ khả năng khớp lệnh nhanh chóng, an toàn, lịch sử giá minh bạch.

Mức nạp tiền tối thiểu của sàn Exness sẽ tùy thuộc vào mỗi loại tài khoản. Với tài khoản tiêu chuẩn, số tiền nạp tối thiểu phụ thuộc vào từng phương thức thanh toán, nhưng thông thường là 10$. Với tài khoản chuyên nghiệp, tiền nạp tối thiểu là 200$.

Sàn Exness áp dụng cơ chế rút tiền tự động nên việc xét duyệt và rút tiền cũng nhanh hơn các sàn khác. Hầu hết các giao dịch rút tiền tại sàn Exness đều được xử lý trong vài giây và bạn hoàn toàn có thể rút tiền vào cuối tuần.

Thời gian rút tiền Exness cụ thể như sau:

  • Rút tiền qua ví điện tử Skill, Neteller, Tether, USD Coin: thời gian xử lý tức thì.
  • Rút tiền qua Internet Banking, ngân lượng: trong vòng 24 giờ.

Bạn sẽ không nạp được tiền từ sàn Exness vì một trong các lỗi sau:

  • Tài khoản Exness chưa được xác minh
  • Nạp chưa đáp ứng đủ số tiền nạp tối thiểu.
  • Phương thức thanh toán giới hạn khoản tiền bạn nạp vào.
  • Phương thức thanh toán không hỗ trợ hoặc không khả dụng ở khu vực bạn sinh sống..

Bạn sẽ không rút được tiền từ sàn Exness vì một trong các lỗi sau:

  • Lỗi hệ thống đang bảo trì
  • Không đủ số tiền rút tối thiểu
  • Nạp và rút tiền không cùng phương thức
  • Tài khoản nhận tiền bị khóa
  • Thực hiện hai lệnh rút tiền cùng lúc….

Để giao dịch trên sàn Exness, bạn cần thực hiện theo các bước sau đây:

  • Bước 1: Đăng ký tài khoản Exness.
  • Bước 2: Nạp tiền vào tài khoản.
  • Bước 3: Đăng nhập tài khoản trên MT4/MT5
  • Bước 4: Tiến hành giao dịch.

     Advantages of Exness

  • Year of establishment: 2008
  • License: FSA, CySEC, FCA, FSC, FSCA, CBCS
  • Low commission fees
  • Leverage 1: infinity
  • Fastest deposit and withdrawal

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